It can very easily be overdone but PhotoShop definitely has it’s use in our tool bag.  Photoshop and other photo editing software is the modern day equivalent of a darkroom.  Photos have always needed editing since the invention of photography and thankfully it has made our “photo lab” job much easier and quicker.  I remember wishing to burn in an area of a photograph and accomplished this by placing the negative in the enlarger and projecting it down on a piece of white cardboard, carefully tracing the area to be burned and carefully cutting out. Next, you placed your photo paper on base of enlarger, exposed it, then placed the cardboard over it which allowed the cut out area to be exposed a little longer.  Remember the days when you dropped off a roll of film and received back a overall decent set of prints?  Well, do not pat yourself on the back thinking those images were all taken well,  Many were under/over exposed or may have had color balance issues but were corrected in the lab during development.  The bad prints you received back were really so far off they could not be corrected.  Many of yesterdays great photographers spent huge amounts of time in the lab.  The others spent a lot of time with their lab going over their vision of the completed print-in other words they had to have a working relationship with their lab.  Ansel Adams is a great example.  Some of his most famous work is exceptional not only by his photography but also due to the darkroom work.  You have photographers taking trips to the exact location where he took a shot in hopes of recreating it.  Will never happen as environmental conditions will never exactly be the same and secondly pushing the shutter button was only the beginning of the photograph as much work followed in the darkroom.

It may be intimidating at first but if you wish your photos to go much beyond taking selfies for FaceBook quality at least learn the basic photo edits.